Watch Dogs: Legion Comes to Toronto

Explore Toronto to the Theme of Watch Dogs: Legion

Ubisoft and Apex PR have officially confirmed Watch Dogs: Legion – Toronto Adventure, which is free to all fans of the latest installment in the Watch Dogs franchise. Watch Dogs goes Canadian with Watch Dogs: Legion – Toronto Adventure, available to participate in until December 31st. Gamers will take the resistance up North to virtually recruit unique individuals into the resistance and solve new questions related to the political upheaval. Watch Dogs: Legion is available right now for Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, PS4, PS5, Google Stadia, and PC.

Watch Dogs Legion


Watch Dogs: Legion – Toronto Adventure is created by Apex PR and is merely sponsored by Ubisoft’s Watch Dogs: Legion, making it a fun collaboration that gets the people of Toronto outside. The company recommends that it’s only safe for players to participate in the Toronto Adventure if they abide by social distancing guidelines and wear a mask. This real-life Watch Dogs integration blurs the line between reality and video games, with Ubisoft continuing to try innovative ideas.

To participate in Watch Dogs: Legion – Toronto Adventure, players will begin the adventure by scanning a QR code before exploring interesting Toronto locations and answering fun questions. “If you’re looking for more Watch Dogs action and fancy exploring interesting locations in Toronto and solving questions to form your own IRL resistance, you’re in luck,” said a recent statement from Apex PR.

“Instructions: You are tasked with recruiting the best, brightest, and toughest that the streets have to offer. Mind you, this won’t be a leisurely walk in the park. You’ll need to uphold the utmost secrecy on this mission and travel to a total of five GPS locations where there are questions you need to answer. Correctly answering the questions will confirm the recruitment of resistance members. Assemble your resistance and complete the mission.”

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