Stormzy Drops New Music Video to Promote Watch Dogs: Legion

Let the Rain Fall

We’ve had a lot of news lately about the characters we’ll see in the latest Watch Dogs game. We know that Aiden and Wrench will both be playable in DLC, and that we’re getting an Assassin’s Creed tie-in as part of the same DLC. While these additions are exciting on their own – especially if Wrench casually mentions that all that flirting with Marcus was serious because Yay, representation – one of the weirdest additions is Grime musician Stormzy. While this won’t be the first time we’re getting a real-world celebrity appearing in a Watch Dogs game – Archer and Friends actress Aisha Tyler appeared in the original – but Stormzy’s appearance is much more substantial, with an entire mission surrounding his character.

And as weird as it is, it does make sense. Grime is a very British genre, which Stormzy has been at the forefront of since he burst onto the scene. He’s also known for being politically active, particularly giving critical views of the Conservative government which has been in charge for a decade. Considering the upcoming Watch Dogs game is set to have a more distinctly political stance than previous games, exploring the implications of a worst-case scenario Brexit where Britain has devolved into a police state, making him the perfect addition for the game.

The music video is rendered using the game’s engine, showcasing both the in-game models and the environments that the game will let us explore. As far as music videos go it’s not necessarily impressive, but it’s nice to see more interaction between music and gaming – while gaming has got a few superstars working the music we’ve gradually started to see more popular artists like Utada Hikaru and Florence and the Machine lend their talents to video games. As gaming becomes a bigger industry it’s likely we’ll see more and more games incorporate big name musicians.

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