Square Enix Keeping Work From Home

Square Enix Embraces Work From Home

Square Enix has confirmed that they’ll be keeping the work from home policy permanently, allowing employees to opt for the home-based work setting. It’s expected that a majority of Square Enix employees will work from home, but starting on December 1st, employees will work from home or office on a case-by-case basis. Square Enix expects about 80% of its employees will end up working from home once the program starts. Square Enix’s recently released Marvel’s Avengers is headlining several Black Friday deals and it’s available on Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, PS4, PS5, Google Stadia, and PC right now.

Marvel's Avengers Skins

Regardless of if Square Enix employees are working from home or the office after the December 1st switch, they’re expected to work a minimum of three days a week from their respective locations. Employees will be able to change where they work from a month ahead of time, allowing some flexibility in the new system. The new system allows for some developer flexibility, but Square Enix is also looking at each person’s role and if it can be done more efficiently from home or if they’re needed in the office.

The new Square Enix work from home policy was made in an effort to improve productivity and help its employees achieve an improved work-life balance. The company also sees the shift as a way to attract more diverse talent, while making itself more resilient to unexpected events like natural disasters, or the looming pandemic. Square Enix isn’t the first company to implement a pertinent work from home policy, but it’s impressive that the developer/publisher plans for 80% of their employees to work from home moving forward.

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