More Final Fantasy XIV News Coming in February

Square Enix Teases News for Final Fantasy XIV in February

Square Enix has officially teased some news for Final Fantasy XIV coming on February 5th 2021. The news will be streamed at 5:30 PM PST on the official Square Enix Twitch and YouTube channels in both Japanese and English. Speculation abounds as to what the upcoming announcement may be, with some fans hoping for a new expansion and others claiming utmost certainty that it’s a jump to next-gen consoles. Final Fantasy XIV: Shadowbringers is available right now for PS4 and PC.

Final Fantasy XIV

“We’ve got something else in store,” said Square Enix on the official Final Fantasy XIV Twitter account. “Introducing the FFXIV Announcement Showcase! We’ll be announcing cool things.” While Square Enix failed to elaborate on what the upcoming news might be, the statement included the February announcement time of February 5th at 5:30 p.m. (PST) / February 6th at 1:30 (GMT). We aren’t sure what to expect from the Final Fantasy XIV announcement, but thankfully we won’t have to wait considering February is a mere three months away.

In the comment section of the official announcement tweet of the upcoming Final Fantasy XIV news, a lot of fans were speculating as to what Square Enix has cooking up. Some fans think that it’s an announcement of an Xbox Series X/S and PS5 version, others are just hoping for a jump to Xbox in general, and others are dreaming of a new console since the last expansion (Shadowbringers) released in 2019. Square Enix recently confirmed that their employees can work from home permanently, so it’s likely that the next big project offers developers the flexibility of working at home beyond the pandemic.

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