Here’s What’s Coming to Final Fantasy XIV in Patch 5.45

Walk in the Light of the Crystal

Final Fantasy XIV has graduated from its botched initial release into being one of the most acclaimed and popular MMORPG’s on the market with A Realm Reborn. With millions of players, a vast story, and the ability to switch classes just by equipping a different weapon, the game’s managed to thrive where others have failed, and it’s getting a big addition in update in Patch 5.45.

Here’s what to expect when the new patch drops.

Trials: Castrum Marinum- Your recent exploits have uncovered evidence of a new weapon, codenamed Emerald, being developed, and your goal is to defeat it before it’s unleashed. That’s right; one of the series’ most notorious superbosses is making an appearance.

Resistance Weapon Quests: Save the Queen, Past to Rest- Things are looking bad in your quest to overthrow the empire, as the battle for the Southern Front rages on.

Large Scale Battle: Delebrum Reginae- A new battle under the Bozja Citadel, essentially a new version of The Baldestion Arsenal.

Class Updates: Blue Mage: The class is getting new quests, new spells, and new equipment, as well as a higher level threshold of seventy that’ll help the class stand out from more popular – and usable – classes.

In short, there’s a lot to look forward to in the upcoming patch, and you’ll have more to explore in Eorzea than ever before.

Final Fantasy IV Stormblood

The addition of Emerald Weapon alone is particularly exciting news. While Final Fantasy XIV is no stranger to honoring past games in the franchise, whether that’s in the form of cosmetics, enemies, or even characters – the addition of one of the series’ biggest challenges is sure to excite millions of players attempting to take it down.

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