The Next Season of Fall Guys Has Been Teased, and It’s a Cool One

Fans Were Tasked to Solve a Puzzle Hinting at the Winter Season Update

Fall Guys took the world by storm earlier this year and while it may not be getting the same buzz it received on release, the game still has a large and dedicated fanbase. The second season for the mini-game battle royale released back in October, invoking a Medieval theme.

Fall Guys

Now, the official Fall Guys Twitter account has announce that the next season will be a Winter one. However, they didn’t just straight up announced it. No, fans had to work to figure it out. Early yesterday morning, Fall Guys asked for 300 volunteers to take on Operation: Jig Sawus on Twitter.

As part of Operation: Jig Sawus, volunteers were sent out pieces of a jigsaw puzzle that when put together made a teaser for the next season of Fall Guys.

The teaser doesn’t show much but gives a bit of an idea as to what we can expect from the upcoming season. For starters, Season 3’s theme is Winter Knockout (also known as Fall Guys goes brrr by true fans). The teaser shows off a few new costumes including a snowman, and a penguin. It also shows off a brand new mini-game which appears to be a new obstacle course. The obstacle this time? Giant snowflake-themed wheels that players have to jump through holes to get through.

If you haven’t already picked up Fall Guys you can catch it on sale now during the Steam Autumn Sale. It is also on sale on PlayStation 4 until November 30th. Both platforms are offering a nice 20% off the game, so make sure to grab it now and enjoy season 2 because Winter is coming. Check out our review here.