Obsidian’s Grounded Exceeds 5 Million Players

Obsidian Entertainment Celebrates 5 Million Grounded Players

Obsidian Entertainment’s little survival game has blown up since it released back in July, and it has officially exceeded the 5 million player milestone. To celebrate the new milestone, Obsidian Entertainment recently released the massive Koi Pond update to the game which added more content and more areas to explore. Obsidian has already fixed several bugs and issues discovered in the Koi Pond update and has enhanced the little survival game for Xbox Series X/S. Grounded is available right now for Xbox Series X/S, Xbox One, and PC, and it’s part of the extensive Xbox Game Pass Ultimate lineup.

Grounded Obsidian

“We’re probably about 50 to 60 percent done with the content of Act 1, and we definitely wanna do passes over the existing content as well,” said Grounded Game Director Adam Brenneke during a recent interview. “Like the hedge area, we don’t feel that’s done yet. The haze area is definitely not done yet. We want to go into those areas, amplify them, make them more beautiful. Add more content to explore, add a lot more story to those elements, and we want to continue to build out the yard as well. There’s a lot of those undeveloped areas that we want to develop, even for Act 1.”

“When I got Grounded running on the Series X, I was blown away,” continued Adam Brenneke. “It just feels like a completely different experience like it’s just so silky smooth. The framerate is amazing. It looks amazing. I just love playing on my Xbox Series X. Playing older titles with backward compatibility and I think I’m having a lot of fun with it… especially with the new HDR stuff. Grounded already looks really good, but with HDR it’s just really mind-blowing to me. I have an amazing team and they’re really able to push the limits on what we can do with all these new bells and whistles.”

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