Steam Users Get Hilariously Ugly Helmet with Nioh 2 Complete Edition

Someone Spent Time Working on That

Yesterday, PlayStation and Koei Tecmo announced that they would be making a ton of options to purchase the Nioh games on PS5 with the Nioh Collection in February. Good news all around for Nioh fans. Part of the Nioh Collection will be Nioh 2 Complete Edition, which will also be available on Steam in February. It will be coming with all its DLC, and a little something else. When you see it, you can decide whether it is a good thing or something you can totally live without.

Nioh 2 Complete Edition

Getting Nioh 2 Complete Edition on Steam will give players exclusive access to the Valve Helmet, which is an assault on the sense of sight. The Valve Helmet has the shape of a traditional samurai helmet, but its panels and plates are made out of a gamer’s keyboard. You can see the keys with a multicolor backlight all over it and what appears to be a scroll-wheel sticking out of the front. It also has a giant red valve sticking out the back of the helmet because “Valve Helmet”. I just wonder if there’s a way to get the game on PC without having to get the Valve Helmet.

Other than that very, very strange looking helmet, people love Nioh 2, so getting it on PC with all of its DLC is great news. If you want your character to wear the Valve Helmet as a joke, I totally respect that. I love a good joke, just be prepared to spend a lot of time looking at that dopey valve sticking out the back of your character’s head. Nioh 2 Complete Edition will be coming to PC on February 5th and the Nioh Collection will be out on PS5 on the same day.

Do you like the helmet in a genuine way or a “it’s so ugly, I love it” way? Let us know in the comments below.