No, You Shouldn’t Put PS5 Discs Into Your PS4

PS5 Games Have PS4 Units All Jammed-Up

Some gamers are reporting jammed PS4 units after trying to insert PS5 discs into their current-gen units. Specifically, the discs are being jammed in the PS4 disc drive which requires a manual eject as the disc will not be ejected otherwise. With several games seeing cross-generational releases this Holiday season, parents should be hypervigilant about which PlayStation they buy their kids games for. Call of Duty Black Ops: Cold War is an example of a game that’s available both on Xbox One, PS4, PC, in addition to Xbox Series X/S and PS5.

Playstation 5

While the PS4 version of many new titles include free upgrades to the PS5 version similar to what Xbox is doing through Smart Delivery, PS5 games can be deadly to a PS4 unit. PS4 discs won’t be destroying PS5 units anytime soon, but if gamers put PS5 discs into a PS4, their units get completely jammed. Apparently, the current-gen hardware gets confused trying to read the next-gen discs and as a result, the units will refuse to eject a disc without owners manually ejecting it themselves.

With a lack of PS5 units on store shelves, it’s likely a lot easier for gamers to get their hands on a PS5 game than the unit itself, but don’t be tempted to try those discs on a PS4 or PS4 Pro. It’s no surprise to see that someone out there tested this idea, but now that multiple gamers have reported jammed PS4’s, we recommend you take their word on it. It’s better to have a PS4 than no PlayStation at all, though we understand the frustration in being unable to purchase something you want.

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