Capcom Hack May Have Exposed Personal Data

350,000 People May Be Affected by Capcom Hack

Capcom got hacked recently and it exposed a lot of leaked games, but it may have exposed the personal data of over 350,000 people. This personal data includes names, addresses, birthdates, phone numbers, passport info, “HR information,” and more. This includes data from people in both Japan and North America. The personal data and leaked games were acquired through the use of ransomware and Capcom was given a brief period of time to comply with the demand of hackers before they acted. Capcom recently released Resident Evil 3 Remake for Xbox One, PS4, and PC, and it joins several Black Friday sales this weekend.

Resident Evil 3 Remake

According to Capcom, none of the personal data affected by the recent ransomware hack includes credit card information, but it’s probably best that people double-check their statements to be sure. Capcom is offering support to those affected by the hack and they’re still working to figure out precisely how many people have been affected, but it’s upwards of 350,000. Apparently, some logs have been lost as a result of the ransomware hack so Capcom doesn’t necessarily have all of the information they would need to know exactly how much information was compromised.

Capcom has begun contacting people whose information it has verified to have been compromised and are explaining the background of the ransomware attack, but its gaming release schedule is now in the wild as well. The criminal organization responsible for the Capcom ransomware attack is known as Ragnar Locker, while the authorities have been notified. Capcom has commissioned a third-party security company to inspect system issues in an effort to prevent such ransomware attacks from happening in the future.

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