More Iconic Capcom Soundtracks Released on Steam

Monster Hunter, Resident Evil, Ace Attorney and More!

Looks like Capcom is looking to bring all their game soundtrack library over the Steam! After their initial release back in February, they are back with way more awesome soundtracks for your enjoyment. It includes games from awesome franchises like Monster Hunter, Resident Evil, Ace Attorney and more!

The list of soundtracks released are below:

-Monster Hunter 3, Monster Hunter 4, and Monster Hunter Generations.

-Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney, Phoenix Wright: Justice for All, and Pheonix Wright: Trial and Tribulations.

-Resident Evil 2 Remake

-Breath of Fire I, Breath of Fire II, Breath of Fire III, Breath of Fire IV, and Breath of Fire Dragon Quarter.

-Shinsekai: Into the Depths

If you don’t see your favourite Capcom soundtrack up yet, don’t fret! With how things are going, I’m sure we’ll be seeing the rest of their catalogue up there soon.

Source: Twinfinite