Bowser Takes Over Super Mario Bros. 35

Bowser’s Castle Joins Super Mario Bros. 35 This Week

Nintendo has officially added Bowser’s Castle to Super Mario Bros. 35 as a playable stage for the week. Gamers will be able to play through Bowser’s Castle in this competitive online multiplayer Super Mario Bros. title until Sunday, so make sure to get those runs in before it disappears. The addition of Bowser’s Castle to Super Mario Bros. 35 means all of the stages from the first world of Super Mario Bros. are represented. Super Mario Bros. 35 is available exclusively on the Nintendo Switch right now, with Switch Online required to play.

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“Bowser Time!” said an official statement from Nintendo celebrating the addition of Bowser’s Castle to Super Mario Bros. 35. “Battle through first stages and Bowser’s Castle stage from W1-4 in this weekend’s Super Mario Bros. 35 Special Battle!” While Bowser’s Castle is being added to Super Mario Bros. 35 as a Special Battle, it’ll likely return in the future or perhaps even be added as a permanent fixture in the game as it continues to evolve.

Nintendo Switch Online subscribers will be able to play the Showdown at Bowser’s Castle Special Battle until Sunday at 10:59 PM PST. Nintendo Switch owners who play Super Mario Bros. 35 have had their hands on this Special Battle for one day so far, and already uncovering secrets and heating things up with the competition. While Bowser makes several appearances across the original Super Mario Bros. game from the NES (that has been ported countless times), this is the first big appearance of Bowser in Super Mario Bros. 35.

Will you be trying out Super Mario Bros. 35’s version of Bowser’s Castle or is the game tough enough on the first stage? Let us know in the comments below!