This is the Zodiac Speaking Plays With Your Mind

Think You Have What It Takes To Uncover a Killer?

We don’t put a lot of thought into how our subconscious affects us in the media, but it’s as much a part of how we experience something as anything else. Whether it’s the word house being printed in a different colour in House of Leaves until we dread seeing it or the use of subaudible frequency in IrrĂ©versible to create a feeling of unease, a lot of what we take in isn’t something we’re conscious of, and that’s something This is the Zodiac Speaking is playing with, utilizing J. W. Goethe’s theories on how colour affects our mood and perception in the game design.

It may sound weird, but colours have a lot to do with how we see things. The colours red and yellow, for example, trigger hunger, which is why they’re seen so often in fast food logos. Some places, like areas of Japan and Scotland, have switched streetlights to a calming blue, and have reportedly seen falls in both suicides and violent crime. The science is there, and hopefully This is the Zodiac Speaking will utilize it to create a unique experience.

This is the Zodiac Speaking follows Robert, a journalist who escaped the dreaded Zodiac Killer, as he investigates his crimes. Utilizing a mix of reconstructed crime scenes, real facts from the case and fiction (after all, the case remains unsolved) the game culminates in one of three different endings based on your investigation style. For those true crime buffs who don’t do horror, the game is also available in Detective Mode, which excises the action sequences to let you focus more on the investigation than the gameplay. Presented in a retro, 70’s inspired style, the game’s got a big focus on atmosphere either way, so hopefully you don’t feel like you’re missing out on too much if you decide to go down that route.


This is the Zodiac Speaking drops today. Got your own theory on the case? Let us know down in the comments, or hit us up on Twitter or Facebook.

Source: Press Release