The Saints Row Reboot Got a Much Needed Delay

Much Needed Breathing Room

Saints Row is officially getting a much-needed delay. That isn’t even because the quality of the game was bad. Everything shown looked fine enough. No, this delay was necessary because we need fewer games to launch in February right now. The Saints Row reboot is now set to launch on August 23, 2022.

Saints Row Reboot

I’ve enjoyed the previous Saints Row games, and I’m interested in checking out this reboot, but it wasn’t even close to being considered for my buy list if it actually launched in February as originally planned. That is the month Elden Ring launches. Nothing else that month matters to me despite my heavy interest in games like Horizon Forbidden West and Dying Light 2.

The developers behind Saints Row are claiming that they need more time and that they underestimated the impact of Covid and that all is likely true. They probably do want to polish the game up more since it was almost certainly going to get delayed regardless. There was virtually no chance that this game actually launched in February against the likes of Destiny 2’s latest expansion and just after the latest Pokemon game.

They are trying to make the biggest and best Saints Row they can, and the extra time and new release date will certainly make that a much easier task. It is far less likely to get buried with its new August release date. Which is good! Let’s space these good to great games out a bit more so I don’t have to buy so many games a month.

In the end, this dealy can only help Saints Row. The developers get more time to polish the game, and it gets to release in a month that doesn’t have Elden Ring releasing, which is a huge boost to any game, really.

Source: Press Release