The Last Stand: Aftermath Is Out Today and I’m Feeling the Nostalgia

Bringing Back Memories

The Last Stand: Aftermath is out today, and it has me feeling incredibly nostalgic. I didn’t even know the series was coming back, and I’m tempted to buy this game blind just based on my memories of playing the original three on my browser after school. The Last Stand: Aftermath is available today on the PS4, PS5, Xbox Series X, and PC.

The Last Stand: Aftermath has you taking control of a survivor who is guaranteed to die. The player becomes infected and must leave their little settlement and try to gather resources for those they are leaving behind and try to find out the truth behind the virus before they finally succumb to the infection and join the evergrowing herd of the undead.

The Last Stand: Aftermath is a bit of a rogue-lite as once the player dies, they will take control of a new survivor who is able to keep any of the gathered supplies as well as perks and upgrades.

Here is what Chris Condon, creative director at Con Artist Games, had to say on the game:

“We’re excited to bring this new chapter in The Last Stand series to everyone. Moving into the rogue-lite genre and blending it with the long-standing Last Stand zombie lore has been an amazing experience and one that we’re sure people will enjoy.”

You can watch the trailer here.

Here are some key features for The Last Stand: Aftermath:

  • Fight with the Infection– Explore a constantly shifting cityscape to find materials to craft new tools, weapons, and remedies. If you’re lucky you’ll find medicine, letting you roam for longer.
  • Roguelike Loop– Death is assured, but the story doesn’t end there. Venture out as a newly infected survivor again, and again, and again as everyone makes their Last Stand.
  • The Beginning of The End– With the promise of death ahead of you, you’re determined to make your last stand one for the record books: securing more supplies, and destroying more undead than anyone before.
  • Dead Man Walking– Humans are fragile, it’s rare one survives long out amongst the hordes alone. Luckily, this infection makes you something else, something more. As your humanity ebbs and the affliction takes hold, you’ll discover new limits and abilities you never knew were buried deep within your DNA. Utilize your newfound skills to scavenge for weapons and medicine, or the materials you can use to make them.

Source: Press Release