New Driving and Combat Footage of Saints Row Reboot

The Saints Come Rampaging In

New Year, new me. That’s the approach that Volition is taking with Saints Row. Early next year, fans of the action/comedy Saints Row series will get to dive into the new world of the series. Game Informer recently released some exclusive gameplay footage of the new game to sate our apatite.

As you may know, Saints Row will be taking place in the Southwestern city of Santo Ileso, surrounded by desert and hills. It is a very different location from the previous Saints Row games, but it gives players the opportunities to explore like they never have before.

Saints Row Reboot

The desert areas allows for a ton of off-road driving, shortcuts, and sick jumps over hills. As someone who just recently got back into Saints Row: The Third Remastered, I can see a ton of similarities between the two and the tone Deep Silver is trying to recapture in the driving and combat.

The footage is from a pre-alpha build, so it is subject to change, but we can see returning elements from previous games. Whenever you catch some big air, drift, or narrowly avoid a collision, you earn Respect points. The unrealistic, yet so appreciated physics of shunting cars out of the way, no matter your speed or mass, is also back, so you don’t need to be a wonderful driver to avoid the po-po.

A new combat feature that scream “Saints Row” is part of the vehicle combat. When riding shotgun, the player can hang out the side of the car and shoot with pistols or SMGs like in previous games, but now they can also climb onto the roof and shoot. This is totally unnecessary, but also a genius move. Not only is it wild, but you can also use rifles and other two-handed weapons while covering your driver.

Saints Row is expected to come out on February 25th, 2022 for PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X|S.

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