Lost Judgment DLC Launches Ahead of Schedule on All Platforms

Early for School

It’s back to school season and what a timely DLC release for Lost Judgment. Prior to the game’s release, the “Youth Drama Enhancement” pack on the Japanese PlayStation Store indicated plans for post-launch content. What would be known in English as School Stories Expansion pack is out now, two weeks early, we should add.

This DLC adds a variety of new components to existing activities and side stories, such as Robotics Club, Dance Club, Biker Gang races, and the Boxing Gym. It does not appear to contain any new story missions.

Lost Judgment DLC

In Robotics Club, this DLC adds a new robot for Yagami to command. It also adds a new outfit and series of special moves for the Dance Club. In the Biker Gang races, a new motorcycle, new parts, and a new racing course has been added. Yagami will be able to spar with his companions Kaito, Suguira, and Higashi in the Boxing Gym, as well as learn a new Boxing combat style.

This DLC pack was meant to release sometime at the end of the month, but thanks to the hard work from Ryo Ga Gotoku Studio, it is out two weeks ahead of schedule.

If you bought the Digital Deluxe, Digital Ultimate, or Season Pass of Lost Judgment, you will be able to download this DLC now. The next DLC pack, The Kaito Files will add new story content and be available in early 2022. That will be included in the Season Pass and Digital Ultimate Edition.

If you are unsure about Lost Judgment, check out our review. Lost Judgment is available now for PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X|S.

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