Lost Judgment Video Review – Brilliant Detective Story

Lost Judgment Video Review

Takayuki Yagami is back. After his debut in the Yakuza spin-off Judgment, he and his friends return in the follow-up Lost Judgment. Like the previous Ryu Ga Gotoku Studio games, Lost Judgment has a deep, engaging, and mature story at its core, but is decorated with a ton of silly, quirky side stories and activities to help players take emotional breaks.

Like the Judgment, and the main series Yakuza games before, Lost Judgment takes an over-the-top approach to its martial arts combat, accented with brutal and creative finishers. It also has a lively and detailed world outside of the combat to explore.

Lost Judgment

The story of Lost Judgment starts of with Yagami taking what appears to be a simple job investigating a case of bullying at a school, but we learn that he quickly stumbles into a much more intense, sinister case of abuse and corruption centered around this school.

On the flip-side of the delicate themes the main story presents, the side stories that Yagami finds himself in hilarious and awkward situations, such as teaching a dance routine to students or taking on a robo-Yagami from the robotics club.

Exploring the cities of Kamurocho and Isezaki Ijincho is made easier and more in-depth with Yagami’s new ways of traversing. In certain missions, he is able to scale the sides of buildings to enter in unconventional ways, though these are linear paths. He is also able to hop on a skateboard and coast around at the street level, as opposed to running everywhere.

Other mystery and detective games have a hard time balancing the elements of solving a case and having engaging gameplay, but Lost Judgment is another success story out of Ryu Go Gotoku Studio, managing to have fulfilling conclusions to difficult stories.

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