SkateBIRD Video Review – Birds and Boards

SkateBIRD Video Review

When you think of the words bird and skating, you may picture The Birdman himself, Tony Hawk, hitting the 900 at the X-Games. However, this is not the case for talented folk at Glass Bottom Games. They have stuck the two together, creating the charmingly comical SkateBird, but does hit the landing or bail?


The skateboarding genre is in the midst of a resurgence. Where Session and Skater XL aim to faithfully replicate the experience, others such as Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater focus on arcade fun. SkateBIRD is something else entirely. With its odd premise, you clumsily wander environments completing the range of objectives that lie within. Fun? Silly? Frustrating? The game will take you through a half-pipe of emotions. Want to find out more? Check out our full review below.

SkateBIRD is available now on Xbox, Switch, PC and Mac, and you can read our full review here. Are you excited to kickflip as a graceful bird? Is this odd combination exactly what you’ve looking for? Let us know in the comments below or on Facebook or Twitter, and don’t forget to subscribe to us on YouTube for more great video game content.

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