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VR Skater SL Pro Series Tour DLC Review 

VR Skater SL Pro Series Tour DLC from DEFICIT Games brings more content to VR Skater. That includes more maps, more gameplay modes, more leaderboards, new PSN Trophies, and the ability to skate the new maps in both directions.

As mentioned in our game review – here – the game is as close as being on a real skateboard you can get. VR Skater simulates an activity that is mostly controlled by one’s lower body with your hands. And does so brilliantly. All thanks to the PSVR 2’s motion controllers that handle steering, speed, and braking more naturally than ever before.

While VR Skater handles the mechanics of skate boarding with aplomb, the game environments are somewhat flat. There are no pedestrians, no vehicles – moving or otherwise, or any activity. The environments are static and sterile. The biggest deficiency is you can only travel in one direction.

DEFICIT Games have addressed that failure with the release of the VR Skater SL Pro Series Tour DLC. The Pro Series Tour comprises five new maps that allow the player to go in either direction. These maps are based on courses from real-life professional street skateboarding championships. They are enclosed spaces with ramps to gain air, railings to grind on, obstacles – such as spikes – to jump over, and half-pipes at each end to reverse direction.

There are five skating parks in the Pro Series Tour that expand upon the gameplay. Each track has five modes, one of which is a practice mode. All the track surfaces are smooth concrete, which enables the player to attain the desired speed to pull off tricks, aerial moves, and, most importantly, facilitate the opportunity to chain them in combos. Combos really let you rack up points.

More Modes

There are two gameplay modes in the Pro Series: Mission Run and Pro Run. Mission runs focus on such things as collecting objects in the environment in a specified time period. These include such things as the letters that spell out VR Skater. The Pro Run challenges you to pull off a series of moves with a specified score target.

What this DLC has accomplished is to elevate VR Skater up to the Virtual Reality Equivalent of the Tony Hawk series of games. Each of the pro maps will test all your skateboard skills. To get a real gauge of your skills and see how you rank against the world, there are fifteen new leaderboards that include three ranked modes for each map.

To be the world’s best VR Skater and sit atop the leaderboards will undoubtedly take much practice and many runs. For Playstation trophy hunters, there are also four new PSN Trophies to collect.

PRO content has been to the Skate Shop. Besides the previous decks and trunks, there are nine new SL Pro exclusive ones to really make your board stand out from the crowd.

Coming to PSVR 2 & Steam

For PSVR 2 players, the VR Skater Pro Series Tour DLC released on January 15th, 2024. There will also be a VR Skater PRO bundle that includes the base game and the DLC.

PC gamers can rejoice too later with the game coming out of Early Access on February 22nd.

DEFICIT Games have made a great effort to expand upon the initial release of the game, which lacks the freedom one associates with a skateboard game. The DLC also elevates the challenge level and raises the game to a level from where comparison with the big skateboarding videogame franchises is now valid.

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The Good

  • More challenging gameplay modes
  • Five new maps based on real life Pro Tour
  • Can skate in both directions on new maps



The Bad

  • Environments still feel sterile