Lost Judgment Appears to Have DLC or Bonus Content Planned

Unjudged Memory

The recently announced Lost Judgment apparently has some secrets that have come out prematurely. No, we’re not talking about the absence of PC support. On the Japanese PlayStation Store, we have found a Digital Deluxe Edition of Lost Judgment that includes a Season Pass, along with a couple of other bonuses. It also vaguely breaks down what is included in the Season Pass. There is also a Standard Edition that does not include the Season Pass. Pre-ordering either edition gives players a starter support pack, which includes a variety of healing and buffing items, and a “Happiness of Beckoning Cat” interior cosmetic.

Lost Judgment

The Season Pass has at least three major parts to it. There is the Detective Life Enhancement Pack containing unspecified items to use in the game, the Youth Drama Enhancement Pack, and an “additional story”, which appears to be post-launch content. The Detective Life and Youth Drama Enhancement Packs are items that will be available right at launch. It is unclear if there will be additional story content announced at a later time. Another bonus to getting the Digital Deluxe Edition is that owners can play the game three days early.

The North American PlayStation Store currently only has Standard Editions of the PS4 and PS5 versions of Lost Judgment, but hopefully it will be updated for Western audiences soon. Lost Judgement will be coming out on September 24th for PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X|S.

Will you get the Digital Deluxe Edition if/when it becomes available in the West? Let us know in the comments below.