New Courtroom Drama The Lawyer Announced

Time to Lawyer Up

Do you like gripping crime stories and courtroom dramas? Then you will want to add The Lawyer, the brand new game from ManyDev Studio, to your wish list.

The Lawyer is an episodic crime game set in the 1990s. Players will have to use the technology and equipment of that era as they try to prepare for an intense courtroom battle. Evidence collecting, interrogations and more will comprise the game’s many tasks.

The Lawyer Art

Players will take over the role of two characters, controlling both sides of the criminal justice system. The Lawyer lets you play as Mike Ferry, a former accomplished attorney who has just left rehab, and Hector Diaz, Mark’s private eye. Players will be able to switch between the two when they choose.

Think of the game as putting you in control of your own episode of Law & Order. The Lawyer splits each episode into two parts: the investigation and the courtroom battle. How you run the investigation, handle witnesses, find evidence and cooperate with police will directly impact your battle in court against the district attorney. Will you make it more challenging than necessary?

However, while the game is episodic, the player’s decisions will impact the entire storyline, not just the current case. So players must be careful with the decisions they make.

The Lawyer will come out on Steam and has a release date yet to be announced. However, you can add the game to your wish list now and check out the game’s trailer on Episode 1: The Red Bathtub’s Steam page. What kind of lawyer will you be?