Monster Prom: Collector’s Edition Gets Physical

Kiss the Monster Under Your Bed

That’s right, you heard us. Monster Prom is shedding its digital skin and stepping into a whole new plane of existence. For the first time, the best competitive multiplayer monster dating sim on the market is available in a physical form that you can actually hold in your hands. Relive the magic, the wonder, the scares, and the sheer wackiness with Monster Prom: Collector’s Edition for the Nintendo Switch. You know the drill–it’s three weeks to prom, you don’t have a date yet, and you’re desperate to go with one of the most popular kids in school. Also, you, your potential dates, and basically everyone else are all monsters. The game balances outlandish humor with surprisingly solid characterization and a ton of secrets, including hidden endings you’ll have to unlock. Also, it’s just plain fun.

But all of that comes with the digital version. Here’s what you can expect from this special edition:

  • A SteelBook case.
  • A 68 page full-colour hardback yearbook with tons of artwork and stickers.
  • A temporary tattoo.
  • A collector’s pin badge.
  • 10 physical instant camera photos.
  • A collectible driving license.
  • A high school diploma.
  • Two packs of trading cards.

A photo spread of the contents of Monster Prom: Collector's Edition

Does that sound awesome or does that sound awesome? Plus, the Collector’s Edition will come with all existing DLC and seasonal content. Talk about a great deal! The only thing it doesn’t come with is a copy of Monster Prom 2: Monster Camp. You’ll have to buy the sequel separately, sadly. Same goes for the upcoming Monster Prom: Reverse, which promises to finally grant players’ wishes and give us all the opportunity to play as the love interests and date the player characters. More dating sims should have that option.

Monster Prom: Collector’s Edition is a limited release, so pounce while supplies last. It comes in three levels: Collector’s Edition (limited to 1,500 copies), Standard Edition (limited to 5,000 copies), and Standard Edition + SteelBook (limited to 500 copies, includes an exclusive postcard). All versions go on sale on Thursday, October 29th at 6:00pm GMT (that’s 11am PT/2pm ET). The price tag will be £27/$35.12 USD for the Standard Edition and £75/$97.54 USD for the Collector’s Edition.

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