Date Even More Monsters in Monster Prom 2: Monster Camp

Be Your Worst Self… at Camp!

The long-awaited sequel to Beautiful Glitch’s satirical dating sim is finally here. Monster Prom 2: Monster Camp brings back the best elements of the first game–slick artwork, competitive and co-op multiplayer dating action, nonsensical stat-raising, a hilariously amoral world to get lost in, and a ton of secret endings to dig for–while putting a whole new spin on the formula. For starters, you’re at a summer camp rather than a school, you’ve got a brand new campfire-and-gossip system to manage, and there are even more loveably horrifying characters to smooch (or get brutally rejected by, thanks Damien). Let your inner monster roam free and dive into the hilarious and heartfelt of Monster Prom once more, this time with at least 50% less dancing and 100% more smores. Probably. No promises on the smores thing.

Media Contact Rob Fleischer announces that: “Monster Camp features over 50 characters, 350 events, 20 endings and more! Choose your pronouns and pursue whoever you want regardless of your identity, including the series’ first non-binary romance option, the reaper of souls and hearts, Milo Belladonna.”

50 characters? We’re having some trouble wrapping our heads around that number. How did Beautiful Glitch pull this off? We don’t know, but we want to find out. And we’ll probably drool over the fantastically expressive art and delightfully creepy character designs while we’re at it. Seriously, how did they make actual monsters so cute? You know the art direction is great when the fandom demands to be allowed to date the player characters. On a related note, please let Monster Prom: Reverse come out soon.

A screenshot from Monster Prom 2: Monster Camp, showing a random event.

Monster Prom 2: Monster Camp is available today on PC, Mac, and Linux on Steam at $11.99, with a special 10% discount available at launch.

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