Fallout 76: Steel Dawn Trailer Teases New Content

Bethesda Releases Fallout 76: Steel Dawn Teaser Trailer

With the upcoming December release of Fallout 76’s next big update, Steel Dawn, Bethesda has revealed a glimpse of what gamers can expect from the game with the update. The game is currently free-to-play for new and lapsed fans alike to catch up on the content added to the game since launch before Steel Dawn releases. The teaser trailer for Fallout 76: Steel Dawn mostly teases the new Brotherhood of Steel questline and new grey camo gear that can be acquired through the faction. Fallout 76 is available right now for Xbox One, PS4, and PC, and it’s part of the extensive Xbox Game Pass Ultimate lineup.

Fallout 76 vista

Fallout 76 is free-to-play right now due to the anniversary of Bomb Day, the day the bombs fell in Fallout lore. With the upcoming release of Fallout 76: Steel Dawn, this will likely bring some fans back and increase hype for the new update. Bethesda has been giving Fallout 76 fans a lot to appreciate in celebration of Bomb Day, bringing multiple events to the live service Fallout, and limited access to the Fallout 1st premium membership for all players to enjoy. While full access will cost gamers money, Steel Dawn will bring loads of new content to the live service game for free.

The new Brotherhood of Steel questline brings the familiar Fallout faction to life in Fallout 76, including a brand new story, new NPC’s to meet and Settlements to discover, and most importantly more content for Fallout 76. Steel Dawn will launch for free to all players with the base game sometime in December, as Bethesda already confirmed with their Fallout 76 roadmap. While Fallout 76 launched as a broken game, Bethesda is slowly piecing it together to create something that’s worth playing. We just hope it isn’t too late for the besmirched Fallout diehards.

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