Bethesda & ZeniMax Involved in Lawsuit With Ragnarok

Bethesda and ZeniMax Accused With Conspiracy in Recent Lawsuit

Developers behind Rune II, Ragnarok Games, has officially filed a lawsuit against Bethesda and ZeniMax Media. Ragnarok Games alleges that Bethesda and their parent company ZeniMax Media conspired to sabotage Rune II and Oblivion Song, a game based on the comic series penned by Walking Dead co-creator Robert Kirkman. Ragnarok Games is seeking $100 million in damages, and it’s the second lawsuit they’ve filed regarding the development of Rune II. Rune II is available right now exclusively for PC.

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“This lawsuit seeks redress for fraud and the intentional sabotage of two video games, Rune II and Oblivion Song, perpetrated by one of the most infamous conglomerates in the video game industry against an emerging threat to their empire,” claims the lawsuit from Ragnarok Games. “The highly-anticipated release of Rune II was maliciously torpedoed in a conspiracy between the game’s developer, desperate for cash, and a large video game conglomerate intent on destroying threats to its own video-game franchises. Oblivion Song was left in a state of unfinished disrepair as a result of the same conspiracy.”

“Two weeks prior to the launch of Rune II, ZeniMax secretly formed a new subsidiary, Roundhouse Studios LLC, and used that company to purchase all of Human Head’s equipment and take over its leases. That equipment contained Plaintiffs’ trade secrets, the source code, and materials for Rune II and Oblivion Song. In that same time frame, in order to complete a de facto merger, ZeniMax arranged to have all employees dismissed from Human Head and hired by ZeniMax.”

While Ragnarok Games has already filed a lawsuit against Roundhouse Studios LLC regarding the source code of Rune II, it seems like their development woes stem much deeper than initially expected if the allegations against Bethesda and ZeniMax Media are true.

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