Rune II Developers Acquire Source Code

Rune II Developers Acquired Rune II Source Code From Human Head Studios

After some interesting legal troubles, the developers behind Rune II have acquired the source code for the game from the former Human Head Studios. Ragnarok took to their official forums to let their fans know that work would continue on Rune II. Initially, the former developers of Rune II took off with important code for the game when they joined Bethesda as Roundhouse Studios. This controversy sparked a lawsuit between Ragnarok and the new Roundhouse Studios which has apparently been settled with the exchanging of the source code. Ragnarok has already begun development on the first patch since the legal mess began. Rune II is available exclusively for the PC on the Epic Games Store with a Steam version planned sometime in 2020.

Rune II

When Human Head Studios developers split from the company to join Bethesda as Roundhouse Studios, the remaining team, Ragnarok, was quick to let their fans know that development would continue on the game, with DLC and patches coming in the future. Unfortunately, that was easier said than done considering Human Head Studios took off with vital code and assets for the game that would enable Ragnarok to continue supporting the Epic Games Store exclusive. Because the title exceeded the studios’ expectations, a lawsuit was filed and apparently it quickly got Ragnarok what they needed.

“Late last week, we received a hard drive containing the RUNE II assets and source code. We have brought on engineers to check the thoroughness of materials and ensure the hard drive has all Rune II files,” said Rune Mitch on the official forums. “Currently we have set up a build, test, and staging environment. Once we have confirmed that we are able to make a complete build of the current version of Rune II (.12L), we are going to begin working on a patch to address the top critical issues, bugs, and optimizations that we have seen reported over the last month and a half.”

Are you a Rune 2 fan that’s looking forward to the fixes and content coming to the game? Are you surprised Ragnarok needed to file a lawsuit to get the code from Roundhouse Studios? Let us know in the comments below!

Source: Gaming Bolt