Jinglebooboo’s Stunningly Sexy Cosplay Will Get Your Heart Pumping

Jinglebooboo Cosplay

Each week the folks at COGconnected present to our readers a collection of cosplay that we think you’ll love.  In the previous weeks, we’ve posted our list of favorite cosplays from 2019 as well as some jaw-dropping Star Wars cosplay that left us amazed and some hilarious disaster Star Wars cosplay that left us with a slightly different impression.  This week though, we’re excited to present the work of Jinglebooboo.  Jinglebooboo is a veteran cosplayer and her dedication to the craft shows in every character that she recreates.  We’re so excited to see what she does in the future, but for now, enjoy the stunningly sexy cosplay of Jinglebooboo.

Jinx – League of Legends

 Mary Jane – Spider-Man

Lilith – Darkstalkers

Check out page 2 for more gorgeous Jinglebooboo cosplay.