COGconnected’s Favourite Cosplays of the Year

COGconnected’s Favourite Cosplays of the Year

Every week, we like to turn our attention to the amazing world of cosplay. Over the past few weeks, we’ve showcased the beautiful Satiella Cosplay and a double-dose of Star Wars cosplay from jaw-dropping to disastrous. Since this is our last cosplay feature of the year, we’ve decided to take a stroll down sexy lane and look back at some of our favourite cosplays that we’ve featured over the past 12 months. Before we begin, let’s warm up with a peek from our July 2019 cosplay piece on Liz Katz. Outstanding!

Liz Katz Cosplay

Now that you know what you’re in for, let’s begin our monthly countdown with a cosplayer we featured in December.

December 2019 – Shijose_21 Cosplay

November 2019 – OMGcosplay

October 2019 – Pilippa Eilhart

Leya Shion

September 2019 – Leya Shion

Check out page 2 for another four amazing cosplayers from 2019.