OMGcosplay is Super Adorable, Cute and Absolutely Delicious

OMGcosplay FeatureĀ 

Welcome back cosplay fans. If you’ve been following us for a while, you know we post cosplay features every single week. We post the best from around the globe and search high and low for top talent. Last week we posted some incredible cosplay from Anhyra. The week previously we shared with you some of the most terrifying cosplay we have ever seen. Whether it be NSFW cosplay or body paint cosplay, we stop at nothing to share the best for you. This week, we have one of our favorite cosplay artists. She is super cute, adorable and apparently a struggling student. So any love we can send her way, we are all in. Let’s take a look at her first pic, shall we?


As you can see she is awesome and we have absolutely fallen in love with her.

OMGcosplay Pic

You can support her by heading to her website HERE. As you’ll see, there is very NSFW content on her site. Heck let’s face it, this feature ain’t safe for work either.


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