Kay Bear’s Cosplay is Dead Sexy and Frequently NSFW

Kay Bear Cosplay Feature (NSFW)

After a fulfilling week of work, I know our friends here at COGConnected enjoy a nice weekend full of relaxation, gaming and catching up with friends or chores. But of course, the weekend wouldn’t be complete without our weekly Cosplay features. This weekend we are featuring the sultry and gorgeous Kay Thomas or Kay Bear cosplay. Hailing from Atlanta, Kay works as a freelance artist and model and only just recently discovered her love for cosplay. She can do it all from sweet, steamy and seductive, and the shots are only bound to get hotter. Click on through to find some of our most favourite cosplays.

Kay Bear Cosplay

Starting off strong with Mad Moxxi from Boarderlands.


Kay Bear Cosplay

And a close-up shot of the incredible makeup artistry!

Kay Bear Cosplay

Poison from Final Fight and Street Fighter

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