The Spookiest & Most Terrifying Cosplays We’ve Ever Seen

The Best in Spooky Cosplay 

While October is officially over and we’re now suddenly on the fast track towards Christmas, that doesn’t mean we can just so easily forget that Halloween was a mere few days ago. For today’s COGConnecteds cosplay feature, instead of highlighting the talents of one particular cosplayer, here is an ode to multiple! Let’s take a peek at some of the spookiest cosplays from some of our favourite horror titles.

Spooky Cosplay

Check out the details and wearing on Yzumi_chi‘s Keeper cosplay from the Evil Within!

Spooky Cosplay

And Check out _r.oni‘s cool and gross horror makeup of Vocaloid’s Calne Ca

Spooky Cosplay

An absolutely stunning and yet terrifying nurse from Silent Hill brought to us by Pumadoescosplay on Instagram.

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