Philippa Eilhart Witcher Cosplay is Slightly Horrifying & Sexy at The Same Time

Philippa Eilhart Witcher Cosplay 

There is a reason why “Elena Samko Cosplay” Facebook page has over 46,000 likes. Her cosplay is just that good. Awhile back, we shared Elena’s unbelievably hot cosplay of Witcher 3’s “Horny Goat Woman”. You can check out those images here. Later, we posted some terrifying Noonwraith in the Witcher 3 cosplay. You can check out those pics here. We’ve also posted her Witcher 3 Morenn Cosplay. Today, we have some more Witcher cosplay and just like the others, it is fantastic. Check out the first image here: philippa_eilhart_witcher_cosplay_1

As you can see, it is quite obvious why Elena Samko is one of COGconnected’s favorite cosplay models. As usual, her cosplay is awesome and the detail is stunning. Here is another pic: