Noonwraith Witcher 3 Cosplay is Terrifyingly Amazing

Noonwraith Witcher 3 Cosplay is Fire! 

The Noonwraith in the Witcher 3 is a monster that appears in fields when the sun is at its highest. Swaying grains on a windless day announces her arrival. The Noonwraith dances in circles in the light of day and draws farmers in to join her. Since she is a ghost, no one who joins her leaves the circle alive. Bottom line, she is are creepy as all hell.

This weekend, Elena Samko Cosplay updated her Facebook page with some amazing Noonwraith cosplay photos. They are stunning and are incredibly detailed. Not to mention they are terrifying!


As you can see, pretty incredible and ‘shit your pants’ spooky. Imagine waking up beside that? No thanks.


We have more! Click on through to PAGE 2 for the remaining 3 photos.

Proceed with caution……