Witcher 3 Cosplay of Sexy Goat Woman is Fire (NSFW)

New Witcher 3 Cosplay is Hot, Tasteful and Glorious

The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt was the talk of the town last year after winning multiple Game of the Year awards and recording incredible sales numbers. The new DLC ‘Blood and Wine‘ didn’t disappoint either and neither will this latest batch of unbelievably hot cosplay of Witcher 3’s “Horny Goat Woman”. Check out the first image from the latest Witcher 3 cosplay below:

Witcher 3 Cosplay

Before the game was even released, sex went hand in hand with The Witcher 3. Conan’s epic “Clueless Gamer” segment where he highlighted the infamous ‘sex on a unicorn’ scene from The Witcher 3 generated over 6 million views on YouTube.

Sexy; however, doesn’t always mean dirty and those saucy scenes in the game have been pretty classy on the whole. The Elena Samko Cosplay Facebook page recently posted some amazing pics of the tasteful yet super hot cosplay of the “Horny Goat Woman” from Witcher 3. Check out the stunning shots of the succubus below:

Witcher 3 Cosplay

As you can see these photos are very NFSW, but they are very tasteful and erotic. There is nothing dirty or smutty here. Sorry, if that is what you were looking for.

Witcher 3 Cosplay

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