COGconnected Game of the Year Awards Episode Five – The One with the Final Game of the Year…

We’re finally here at the final episode where Shawn, Paul, Trevor and The Doge duke it out for the final Game of the Year Award winner. It’s been a long road with our four episode lead up to here. If you’re just hopping in now we’d love if you’d check out the first four episodes leading to here which we’ve included below. Look up above to watch Episode 5.

GotY 2015 3

Episode One

Awards – The Prettiest Pony, The Skid Row Tire Fire, The Melodious

Episode Two

Awards – The Runway Model, C’mon Mannnnnn, The Nolan Northy

<span style="text-decoration: underline;"><strong><a href="" target="_blank">Episode Three</a></strong></span>

Awards – The Feels, The Letdown, The Saving Grace

Episode Four

Awards – The Storyteller, The Worst, The Exclusive

Alongside our final game of the year debate we also get into our predictions for 2016 where we discuss the Oculus Rift, the Nintendo NX and more. As we roll this grand finale we also want to let you all know that we’ll be back for a monthly videocast with the first due at the end of January.

Join us then for the debut of the Four Player Co-Op Videocast!