COGconnected Game of the Year Awards Episode 2 – The One with the Boob Hating Internet…

Welcome back intrepid adventurers to the COGconnected Game of the Year Awards! If you’re just joining us now be sure to head on over to our first episode and have a look where we handed out our first three awards of the year; The Prettiest Pony, The Skid Row Tire Fire and The Melodious.

For those of you who took in yesterday’s episode you’ll be happy to know that the next 30 minutes of your life are to be filled with the same witty banter and enjoyable conversation. Even the doge is back. Today we cover three more categories in our Game of the Year awards and they include:

The Runway Model (The most stylish game)

C’mon Mannnnnn (The biggest industry annoyance)

The Nolan Northy (Best performance or character)

GotY 2015 3

As we mentioned last episode, 2015 was a top notch year in games and today we talk about some great AAA titles but also throw a lot of love at some indie games that left big impressions on us. Games like Undertale and Life is Strange took many people by surprise and are wholly worthy of praise and then some. Games like Her Story, which was a total twist on anything we’ve ever seen before and featured an extremely good performance from Vive Seifert.

Touching on industry annoyances we have no shortage of nominees with some of them being the rise of high priced season passes, the cancellation of PT, Kojima being hog tied by Konami and more.Sure we have a lot to be happy about this year but hey, we’re gamers and complaining is just one of those things we do.

Of course we’re not done yet! We still have another three episodes to go and tomorrow we’ll be dropping another three awards which will include The Feels, The Letdown and The Saving Grace.

We hope you enjoy the show and feel free to leave us a comment here or over on YouTube to let us know what you think!