COGconnected Game of the Year Awards Episode Four – The One With The Worst GOTY…

COGconnected’s Game of the Year Awards are down to the final two episodes.

Before we wrap things up on New Year’s Eve, the crew along with everyone’s favourite pooch – the Doge, are back as we nail down our three awards for the day:

The Storyteller – Game with the Best Story or Writing

The Exclusive – Best Game Found on One Platform

The Worst – The Worst Game of the Year

GotY 2015 3

It has been an amazing year for gamers and if you have been following along you’ll know we’ve had a blast discussing our awards so far.

If you’ve missed out on Episode OneEpisode Two or Episode Three go back and catch up as we gave away some brilliant awards including The Feels, The Skid Row Tire Fire, and C’mon Mannnnnn, just to name a few.

Tomorrow we are back with the grand finale where we reveal our games of the year and some predictions for 2016.