Russian Cosplayer Leya Shion Steals The Show With Her Excellent Craftsmanship & Jaw Dropping Beauty

Leyla Shion Cosplay Feature 

After a fulfilling week of work, I know our friends here at COGConnected enjoy a nice weekend full of relaxation, gaming and catching up with friends or chores. But of course, the weekend wouldn’t be complete without our weekly Cosplay features. This weekend we are featuring a talented Russian cosplayer, Leyla Shion. As a passionate gamer and costumer designer, Leyla prides herself in being able to give us accurate cosplays. Now without further ado, scroll on through to find our most favourite cosplays of hers.

Leya Shion

The costuming and details on this Bloodmoon Sivir is wonderful!


Leya Shion


Leya Shion

Excellent use of smoke bombs for indeed!

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