This Sneaky Zebra Comic Con Cosplay Music Video is All Kinds of Sexy and Awesome

Comic Con 2019 Cosplay Music Video

Welcome back cosplay fans! As far as cosplay music videos are concerned, we haven’t seen too much from the filmmaking duo Sneaky Zebra. But they are back with a bang, as their latest Cosplay music video is just as good, if not better, than the amazing tribute they did for Stan Lee last year.

As you should know by now we love cosplay and post cosplay features every single weekend. Last week, we posted some super amazing cosplay from YouTuber Mineralblu. Previously we featured the video game cosplay of Germany-based cosplayer Eden Craft. Of course, sexy body paint cosplay remains a fan favorite.

Before we get to the video, check out some amazing cosplay we posted earlier this year:

Lady Sundae Cosplay

AiChan Cosplay

Bec Of Hearts Cosplay

Sneaky Zebra is well known for their brilliant videos and have attended big conventions in past years. They always manage to capture a wide range of the cosplayers showing off their creations and favorite poses. The costumes on display in this video are simply amazing.

Click on PAGE 2 video by Sneaky Zebra…