This Super Sexy Collection of Super Hero Body Paint Cosplay is Simply Spectacular

A Collection of Super Hero Body Paint Cosplay 

Welcome back to our weekend cosplay feature. Recently, we decided to mix things up a bit by sharing some killer body paint cosplay that left little to the imagination. This week, we are back at it again with more body paint cosplay but this time it has a super hero theme and it is simply breathtaking! Take a look at the first pic below:

Super Hero Body Paint Cosplay 1

Not too shabby, isn’t it? This collection of super hero body paint cosplay is arguably better than anything we have seen from the “Queen of Cosplay” herself, Jessica Nigri. It may even top this crazy hot NSFW NieR Automata cosplay we posted last week. Without wasting any more time, let’s get to the next picture, shall we?

Super Hero Body Paint Cosplay 2

She almost looks like Alyssa Milano. Okay, maybe not, but she still looks incredible. You have to hand it to these ladies who decide to bare it all and have their bodies painted. Then go out in public. Now that is brave! Keep scrolling for more pics…

Super Hero Body Paint Cosplay 3

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