Voluptuous Mileena Mortal Kombat Cosplay is Incredibly Sexy & Borderline NSFW

Stunning Mileena Mortal Kombat Cosplay

Welcome back cosplay fans. As you should know by now every single weekend like clockwork, we try to share with you some amazing cosplay from around the globe. We search high and low for the best. Over the past year, we have shared with you sexy Mei Chaofeng cosplay from The Legend of The Condor Heroes, some crazy good Morenn cosplay from Witcher 3 and a little steamy Lost Saga cosplay. We even stumbled across a cosplayer who looks exactly like Harley Quinn. Last week, we shared with you some sizzling Fatal Fury cosplay and you all seemed to love this cosplay collection from Life is Strange. This weekend, we ran into some amazing Mortal Kombat cosplay. Check out the first picture below:

Mileena Cosplay 1

As you can see, the photo is spectacular. The artist responsible for the sexy Mileena cosplay is Ireland Reid. For those that do not know who she is, here’s a short introduction of her from her official site:

“Ireland Reid is a San Diego, California, based International Costume Designer/Cosplayer & Published Model, a background in Mechanical Engineering, and holds an MBA with Honors. Ireland’s self-taught, elaborate & extreme attention to costume detail, originally first caught world attention when she designed & made Fitness Theme Wear for competitors for some of the world’s champion title holders. When Ireland isn’t working, you can find her in the gym, gaming, making videos & tutorial content for her YouTube channel, or curled up with a sci-fi book.”

Take a peak at another image:

Mileena Cosplay 2

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