This Collection of Life is Strange Cosplay is Hella Sexy, Emotional and Beautiful

The Very Best of Life is Strange Cosplay

Welcome back cosplay fans. As you may (or may not) know, every weekend we do our best to share with you some amazing cosplay from around the globe. We search high and low for the best of the best. Over the past year, we have shared with you sexy Mei Chaofeng cosplay from The Legend of The Condor Heroes, some crazy good Morenn cosplay from Witcher 3 and a little steamy Lost Saga cosplay. We even stumbled across a cosplayer who looks exactly like Harley Quinn. Whatever cosplay that jumps out at us, we will share it. This weekend, we decided to put together some of the best cosplay from one of the greatest story-driven games released in the past few years. Welcome to our best of Life is Strange gallery of cosplay.

Life is Strange Top

Life is Strange was one of the most popular games of 2015 and was voted as one of COGconnected’s best games of the year at the time. The game revolves around a woman named Max Caulfield who comes home and finds that a few of her classmates have vanished under unpleasant circumstances. Max teams up with her friend Chole to help her get to the bottom of the disappearances. The games ‘butterfly effect’ style reactions to your actions will have an added layer of complexity as Max discovers she can rewind time.

Life is Strange Cosplay 1

As you can see, the photo above is spectacular. She looks just like Chole! Check out another amazing cosplayer:

Life is Strange Cosplay 3

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