This Cosplay Music Video Features Stunning and Gorgeous Cosplayers

New London Comic Con Cosplay Music Video is Pure Fire

Recently, one of our favorite cosplay events took place and it’s an event that features tons of amazing characters. We frequently share videos and pictures from the show and every time you folks absolutely love it. Now technically it isn’t a cosplay convention, but MCM London Comic Con brings out the best cosplayers in the world. To celebrate one of the best Comic Cons around, we thought we would share with you a killer cosplay music video we came across.

Lady Kayleen - Cosplay

Cosplaying is a big deal to this show and you can see why when you check out the video on the next page. But before you check out the video be sure to check out some of the other features we post here at COGconnected. Last week, we posted some super amazing cosplay that you’ll never forget. Some time ago we also posted some sexy body paint cosplay that everyone seemed to enjoy. Of course, Jessica Nigri has always been a COGconnected fav. Now, we usually post galleries of brilliant and sexy cosplay but this time we thought we would share with you an amazing video. This video is from mineralblu.

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