Kayla Erin’s Cosplays are Both Beautiful & Sensuous

Kayla Erin Cosplay Feature 

Welcome back for another COGconnected cosplay feature! This weekend we are taking a look at the beautiful Kayla Erin. Embodying some of our most loved characters, Kayla is giving us sweet and sultry and hot and spicy one second to the next. Check out some of our top favourite cosplays of hers!

Kayla Erin

DC’s Power Girl

Kayla Erin

An absolutely beautiful rendition of Raven.

Kayla Erin

Captain Marvel

Kayla Erin

An absolutely sweet Mera

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Check out this epic cosplay music video from Sakura Con, cosplaying twins Alexa and Leah Deberry and we can’t forget about the sweet and sensual cosplay of Enji Night.

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