Jessica Nigri Looks Absolutely Stunning in Skyrim Cosplay Music Video

Jessica Nigri is Smokin’ Hot in Skyrim Cosplay Video 

Every weekend we celebrate the best in cosplay. Whether it is some pics from Mariah Millad, who is a gorgeous plus-sized model who is taking the cosplay world by storm, or some amazing God of War cosplay, we always try to share with you the best cosplay from around the globe.


A year ago, we posted an unbelievably hot collection from “Queen of Cosplay” herself, Jessica Nigri. Take a look at a few of the better cosplays from that feature:

Jessica Nigri Cosplay 3

Jessica Nigri Cosplay 8

There’s little doubt Jessica Nigri is indeed the Queen of Cosplay. The Reno, Nevada born model, YouTuber and popular gaming personality has millions of followers on Facebook, over 2 million more Instagram, she surpassed 1 million subs on YouTube, and she has over 600k on Twitter. She is kind of a big deal and certainly well-liked by many. Her cosplay is always top notch.

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