Prepare for DOOM – Universal Is Working on a New Film

The Second Adaptation Promises a Better Outcome

Video game movies have become a tough sell in cinema, but, recently, they have evolved from stinkers to mediocre. 2005’s Doom, starring Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, was an example of the former. That said, Universal Studios has apparently greenlit another film based on the gory FPS franchise.


Actress Nina Bergman recently took to Twitter and revealed that she signed papers for a new Doom movie. Her tweet mentions her role and how excited she is to work with a “super cool Director.” Naturally, this came as a surprise since no one knew another Doom movie was on the table. While we don’t know her role or who will be directing the film, this will be Universal’s second crack at a cinematic adaptation of the IP.

According to Bergman’s follow-up tweet, the film has a finer script than the last—which it will need if audiences are to give it a chance. 2005’s Doom was produced on a budget of $60,000,000, and the reception proved rather dismal. Currently, the film sits at 19% of Rotten Tomatoes. That, as Dwayne Johnson puts it, is a real “stinker.” And during its theatrical run, the film only managed $55,000,000 back on its investment, which made it a financial flop. Despite the cheesiness of past video game adaptations, they have, more often than not, made their money back.

Since the arrival and flop of the first film, we’ve seen more Doom in media thanks to the work of id Software. 2016 witnessed a reboot of the video game franchise, and the reception was highly positive. Therefore, the next cinematic adaptation may take after the tone and visuals of the acclaimed game. However, Universal may hit an impasse due to the simple fact that so much gore may not translate as well on the big screen. Only time will tell.

Stay tuned for updates on the next Doom film as time goes by.

SOURCE: GameRant