Mariah Mallad is a Curvy Beauty and Her Cosplay is 100% Hot

Mariah Mallad Cosplay Feature Part 2

A couple of weeks ago we introduced the COGconnected cosplay community to Mariah Mallad, a young cosplayer who is quickly gaining a reputation as one of the best cosplayers around. You can check out that juicy collection of pics HERE. This week we are back again with more stunning pictures from Mariah’s gorgeous collection of cosplays. She is one of the most talked about cosplayers of the year and one look at her cosplay and you can see why.

As we told you two weeks ago, Mariah Mallad is a plus-sized model and professional cosplayer. While she has done various cosplay in the past (as you will see in this article) she is best known for her role as Mei from Overwatch. Being plus sized, she is constantly attacked by internet trolls but time and time again she shuts them up by delivering jaw-dropping cosplay.

Mariah Mallad Cosplay Part 2 Pic 2

Despite the constant attacks by some of these despicable people, she maintains that amazing smile and keeps up her positive energy in everything she does. She has become a rock star in the cosplay community. One look at her and you can see why. She is beautiful.

Mariah Mallad Cosplay Part 2 Pic 3

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