Plus-Sized Model Quickly Establishing Herself as Sexiest, Most Voluptuous Cosplayer Around

Mariah Mallad is Quietly Considered One of the Premier Cosplayers Around

Cosplay is an old and timeless art form. It’s one we have fallen in love with over the years and it’s why we share with you some cosplay every single weekend. Whether it be super hot cosplay from the Witcher or some amazing League of Legends cosplay, we search high and low for the best most eye-popping cosplay around. Last week, we shared with you our exclusive cosplay feature from PAX West 2017 and also posted a steamy video from Dragon Con. This week, we have a collection of cosplay from one of the best and most talked about cosplayers in the industry.

Mariah Mallad Cosplay 1

Mariah Mallad is a plus-sized model and professional cosplayer. While she has done various cosplay in the past (as you will see in this article) she is best known for her role as Mei from Overwatch. Take another look at her in action:

Overwatch Mei Cosplay

What makes Mallad so fabulous is that she is one of the few plus-sized cosplayers who has gained unprecedented popularity. One look at her and you can see why. She is gorgeous!

Mariah Mallad Cosplay 2

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