Battletoads Leaves A Mark

‘Toads Hit the Big Time

It’s been two months since Battletoads launched. Reviews have been posted, the dust has settled, over 1 million players have tried their hand at Turbo Bikes, and the devs have collected some very interesting stats. Which we’re going to share with you, because we’re nice like that. With its lavish hand-drawn animation and cartoonish sensibilities, Battletoads has been a nostalgia trip from start to finish, and it’s great to see it being so well-received. And by it, we mean Rash, because he’s easily outstripped his fellows as the number one ‘Toad selected by players. We totally (toadally?) understand–Rash has the most balanced gameplay, gets the most character development, and is hilariously off-kilter. He deserves this opportunity to finally be a famous hero. Especially given the other statistics Rare’s gathered.

Guess how many times the ‘Toads have died on their quest to save the galaxy? If you guessed 80,037,506 times, congratulations, you’re correct. Also, that is a very specific number to guess, and you intimidate us. On the upside, players have revived their fallen friends a total of 2,880,267 times, gathered 8,677,560 collectibles, and thrashed level one boss Porkshank 1,562,508 times. Nice! Better yet, the game’s fastest speedrun as of writing (Tadpole difficulty, 100%) clocks in at an astounding 1:38:51. Set by Fuzzyness in the Game Pass for PC Battletoads Speedrun Challenge, this record is definitely one to keep an eye on. Or beat, if you’re into speedruns yourself.

Can’t get enough Battletoads? Check out The Lost Adventure comic series from Titan Comics, which covers the events leading up to the new game. The first issue is even available for free. Alternately, you can listen to the heart-pounding soundtrack from David Housden, which has now been released on streaming and download services.

A page of Battletoads 2019 player statistics

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